Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ride Borneo (Expedition) 23 Days.

Transborneo motorcycle tour 2010.

(2 country's, 11 guys and a good time.)

Our ride started of on a sunny sunday morning 11 guys on a dirt bike heading for an adventure of 22 days roughing it out on logging roads, muddy trails and river crossings in the heart of Borneo. On this ride i had good company's from natherlands and 1 guy from belgium nice bunch and really adventourouse.

for the next 2 days the weather was good until, half way out of brunei we had some really heavy rain experiance i could not see the road up ahead. The guys was realying on my taillight to navigate through the blistering rain. Once we enter the dirt road we knew that if it rain for the next 2 days we will be in one hell of an adventure..thoughts flesh through my mind of slipery logging road, falling off the bike and getting stuck in the middle of god knows where. when finaly we arrive mulu it was a great feeling of joy. no more blistering back side for the next 2 least for the next 2 days. Mulu was great, we visited the caves, watch the bats, eat smoked wildboare and swim in the clear water river.
On the day we where departing there was heavy rain the night before, was flooding everywhere and we got our boat and headed out for our next destination. Due to the nature of the flood we had to get our bike on the boat and cruise out of this location...but thats another story to be told.

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