Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ride Green

Sabah has in many ways developed its infrastructure in road ways mainly to towns along the coastal area. And most would go to road side junction conservation or park area within a close distance to the towns area. I have travel in Sabah logging area and crisscrossing village within the interior of sabah before. But on my last ride this route has changed so much that i was thinking of how many open logging sites is there. There is awareness of conservation but just out side of this conservation area you find palm oil estate. I dont think our rain forest will last very long with the logging going on. As we enter a palm oil plantation, it took us about 2 hours than we find a gate belongs to the sabah foundation a conservation area. the dirt road was fantastic if it rain well i guess it would be really though and slippery but we where lucky the weather was good. We rode for about 12 hours until we arrive a village and took a rest and had dinner. we talk to the head man about where to camp for the night and he informed us of a small water fall just about a kilometer away. After dinner we went up to this water fall since it was dark and only the bike lights to show us the way we got a little lost as the water fall was slightly further in by the road side. We where like hooligans riding around up and down and going around the village looking for the water fall. About 30 min latter we found it and put up camp, took a bath in the small stream and had a short chit chat before going to bed.

On day 2 we geared up and mad our way to telupid we where told it would take an hour but it actually took 2 hours of dirt road and going through conservation areas and palm oil plantations. Than i thought just at the fringes of the rain forest you find the oil palm...you need to go right smack in the middle to see the rain forest. This route is also used for transporting logs and also as an alternative route crisscrossing from tawau to ranau and keningau..it is right in the middle of sabah. we didn't manage to achieve our goal but we will be back to find that illusive Luasong dirt road to tawau.

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