Thursday, March 18, 2010


It was a clear blue sky and bright sunny day, there where no clouds it was a perfect morning to start of on our 2 day adventure heading for what we called the gates of Hell to borneo. We try to ride through this hursh and thick jungle terrain last year but never mad it but this time we where well prepared for the worst situation we can encounter during the 2 day ride. We started out at 0830hrs on a 2 hours ride on tarmac and stop at a small town to have lunch and pack a few items and caned food for the night. the only thing i had with me was a tent a book of bread 3 cane food and a 5 liter fuel. No other clothing i thought i would just sleep in my pants for the night. The dirt road was really dusty and you couldnt see 5 mtr infron of you when other riders was up front, i had to slow down to see where i was going it was like riding in a clouds. At one point the road took a sharp benned i almost went strait over the ridge....i stop at the road side took a breather than took a piss thinking got to be more carefull.

The other was making good time making dust clouds behind it looked like the dakar race i thought. The road started to get smaller and smaller until there was no road except trails that the locals use to get to market area to sell there jungle products. as the road run out we started to climb steep hills with huge poth holes and boulders. We cross rivers only one guy fall off his bike the others was doing well. we stop for the night put up our camp and cooked some went to the river to take a deep. the guys was having fun although they new it was going to be a rough night sleeping on the ground with rocks and tree branches as there beds.

The next morning it was bright and cool towards the evening it got blistering hot and humid i was running out of water and sweating really heard. In desparation i went down the river and use the river water since it was clean. The ride went from bad to worse as the hill climb was getting more steeper and slipery. there was almost no traction on my rear wheels to the point i was going no where while the tyre was spinning. The other guys was at the same state as i was tired bushed out and hungry. by the evening at 1630 we reach the top point of took a long rest and lough most of the time about the ride up. Our ride out was fast and enjoyable we stoped at a small village crossing a river and arrive kota kinabalu at 2230hrs after a big dinner.


TayarGolek.Com said...

it's a nice ride..congrats bro & de geng!

teringin mau ride mcm ni di Sabah

Ride Borneo said...

thank you dari mana bro? klu dari sabah senagng saja.

TayarGolek.Com said...

saya dr KL/selangor bro..kalo sewa motor ok tak bro? brp agak2 harge sewaan nya?

ape2 pon plan mmg ada cuma kene tunggu betul2 pulih dulu..

TayarGolek.Com said...

owh..i got the answer oredi. skg suda boleh buat planning + bajet utk ride mcm ni. bro..blh bg email + phone number tak? atau email me di

keep in touch bro..

Ride Borneo said...

my e mail bro

HP- 0138543064