Sunday, January 24, 2010

Route 44

Time flies when your having fun, we took one fine sunny sunday to recce our old routes to fool around with our trail bike and see what has changed to up date our riders. Well...we really found out the easy way the old route where we use to have fun has been tarmec all the way up to the highest point in Kota Kinabalu “No more Dirt trail”. Thinking it would b a boring ride to my surprise it was the trees has been trim down at the side of the road you get a batter veiw of Kota Kinabalu and the island around it. I lost count of how many times we stopped to enjoy the breath taking views. The really fun thing about it is the winding smooth tarmac all the way up that mad the ride fun mostly accompanied with the view. Our exit from this route was a small road that descended about 45 degrees...just enough for a small car to pas through. Dont try to pass through this route if your not a season rider as the road consist of sharp bends, gravel andsteep descends. We stop at the MARI-MARI cultural village for a breather which something you can add in to your biking itinerary with having lunch at the same time..just next door is the kionsom water fall. This is a good route for riders who want to enjoy views,culture and just to check out the part of Kota Kinabalu that your average tourist do not visit.

Distance - Total KM 51

Good for half day rides

Elevation about 700mrs

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