Sunday, May 10, 2009

Unexpected Chain reaction.

(Ready to Ride) (Admin Building)

Ever plan for something so carefully and thought that you have everything in control....Not!

On a sunny sunday morning we prepare to venture in to the unknown....well i had a vague idea the place that we where headed to be honest. Its been a year since i have been to the Mahua water falls the guys was excited and even mention about not getting some sleep at all because of the excitement. The bikes was refuel and we where ready to go..the distance was was to be a leisure ride across the crocker range. As we where getting ready to depart we met up with the Borneo Biking Adventure guys who was riding the Aprilia 650 we chatted for a while and off we go.

Ascending the crocker range was as usual exhilarating the bends and curves is always a favorite of mine no matter what bike you use its always about the feeling of freedom taking that journey and experiencing the unknown and adventure. As crazy as it sounds we actually had some one who was on a really small bike traveling with us...... when i mean small its a midget bike but it was as fast as we where going at about 80-100 up hill...most of the time it was up front.

( Mahua) (Jimmy)

As we got closer to the entrance to the junction to the water fall which was about 6-7 km i was expecting the road would be an unsealed road all the way in. It would be a fun ride with mud,gravel and just playing around with the bikes. To our dismay it was sealed all the way in....Great! there goes the high expectation of riding on an off road. As we enter the site it was fully renovated with administration building and toilet facilities again "there goes the expectation of being in the wild natural rain forest with a water fall". Since we are there already why not make it the best of the day. The trail in was properly looked after and there is a plank walk half way to the water fall, because this place is not really fully promoted you only see locals picnicking and having a deep in the pool.
(Sealed Road) (Lunch at Tambunan) (After the rain)
By midday we started to head back to Kota Kinabalu, we heard thunder and the clouds was getting darker the rain was coming. When we thought what worse can happen except just getting wet one of the guys bike chain break loose and fell of while riding...the pin was gone so we decided to head for tambunan to see if there is any bike shop is open. after a tiring looking ther was no bike shop that was open as it was a sunday, than another rider had his breaks jammed...what!.. we fix the problem and stop by at a local shop to have lunch. The journey back was at a slow speed as the rain came down we just had to be more careful riding on a wet condition.

If you ride in Borneo make sure to expect the rain...its a life style hear.

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