Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Over the Hills to Long Pasia

30th May 2009, on the eve of our national harvest festival a group of my buddy's set out on a 520km journey headed for a place not many have been to but have only heard of. The last time i was there was 10 years ago and wondered if it look like is does than. All preparation was done and riders was ready the waiting was unbearable as some was still organizing them self at the last minute.

We set out at 0900hrs through scenic views of padi fields and villages along the way i try to take as much as possible photo's and video's to set up on this blog but the mere excitement of riding overtook my objectives. the best of the ride was when we enter the of road in to mandolong throug a logging road. Any rider will take the advantage of enjoying the scenery of rolling hills and valleys along the way but this time i was more excited because of the road condition so did the others. We had all the imaginable style of reaction on the bike as you open up the throttle from drifts,struted corners to whoops. Smiling and joking after every 5 min stops along the way when everyone try's to explain there experience on this in joyable ride.

Through out the journey it was an enjoyable experiance to everyone and is something of a life time memory. Although we did lost someone during the journey who actually arrive the destination first.



-bba- said...

Napa ada muka gaguk2 ni? :)

Ride Borneo said...

Mana satu yang muka gaguk you maksudkan? hampor semua pun muka gaguk nie.

-bba- said...
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-bba- said...

tuuuuu.... *pointing*