Sunday, April 12, 2009

Enjoying the country side

04th April 09,

After breakfast and a short briefing we headed for a short easy off and on road trip towards the back roads of Kinarut area. along the way i gave pointers on how to ride on a gravel road since being on a flat pavement and being bounced around and trying to control your machine at the same time can be difficult. another reason why o take 1st timers on this part of the area..almost flat, easy, turns and corners and straight long gravel road which is ideal for beginners. it only took us half a day to finish the trip and i was happy as i can see a satisfied face.

There is a few places for a fun off road adventure it all depends on the riders experience handling the Machine, road condition and curves. Mud is the most you have to be careful of , going to fast on a muddy road can mean disaster.

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