Monday, March 16, 2009

Nulu ridge Home of the Mountain Guides

The day looked sunny and bright! Our tour this time was heading to a village at the foot of Mt Kinabalu just a short visit. We started out running at 130km heading for Tuaran and would stop by the last refuelling point for some spare fuel just in case.

The road up Nabalu was one of the best even for an enduro bike as the curves and bends snakes up the Mountain, the only mistake was not to take photo as the clouds draws in we stop as much as possible on every corner to get a good shot of the mountain. But I guess luck was not on our side as every stop we mad the clouds seem to cover the mountain “ The hell with it” one of the guys said and we proceeded on for our main destination. The trail we took was in a valley the trail was along ridges that is hidden along the hills and ridges that connect to Mt Kinabalu. We stop for a tea break after the 2 hours riding,…my back was beginning to feel the pain of seating on the bike to long.

The mountain was totally gone by this time, no hope for any photos but loads of off road trail to explore and we where excited to try out an old trail that has not been used for quite a while. Well that’s what we thought. Nulu is where you find most of the Mountain guides are from! So visiting the village where the legends of Mt guides is quite exciting to see how they everyday life in the natural way. We proceeded to another village along the crocker range bank bone to small village called pahu. The descend was really steep and if you think riding a bicycle down hill is challenging try riding a motorcycle down with big rocks the size of a rugby ball and a 45 degree angle down at 45 km per hour with a sharp turn. If you mis the tern, the drop is 100 feet down a riverside. Than cross a suspension bridge across a river which was dodgy enough that you feel the bridge is going to give way. Than there is a few other rivers we had to cross,…at first glance it looked flat and an easy challenge, but than some loose con troll and takes a plunge in to the river. The worse part of it was by this time the rain started to fall, with the bikes engine filled with water we had to drain the engine of its oil and replace it which took us about 45 min. Smiling and still full of excitement it was more of a joy ride. The guys had fun even after the gruelling ride down the ridge and the experience of falling in to the river. With no airfilter and the rain still heavy we where lucky to make it out before any of the other rivers swelled up.

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