Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ride Borneo / Kudat - Mt Kinabalu

This time my group of riders was smaller and wanted to experience a shorter visit to Sabah and visit village area and to test the life style of the locals. it was a 3 day ride going up north and turning east ward along the foot of mt Kinabalu. we where very lucky for the 1st day and the 2nd half day as it was sunny and clear by noon the rain started. This didnt break the spirit of adventure of the guys because they had little or almost non experience in dirt road i had to give them a crash course theoretically. It was to them an experience of a lifetime traversing through gravel,muddy and wet conditions of the road up hill. The family that took us in was friendly and excited of our visit as this was the 1st time they have visitors on motorcycles. the long house was use to tourist visits but it was something new to them when they saw us on bikes.

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