Sunday, October 11, 2009

The ride to Long Pasia (360)

Thomas after the crash.
(Minta Kesian, minta handle bar renthel baru)

The Fly(Adnand,Joe,Thomas).Top of the world

Good weather and smiling faces is a recipe for a good and enjoyable ride, the guys was very enthusiastic for the adventure ahead. Our ride started on time..well slightly after the ho.ho.ha.ha at the meeting point. Breifing was given and off we go. We stop at a small restaurant along the road headed for beaufort for breakfast it was good to see smiling faces and exchanging jokes as every one was getting familiarize with each other as some are 1st timers to Long pasia. We stop at Sipitang to refuel and pick up a few things before heading out. As we enter the gravel i can see all was fired up to try out the gravel road and it was and it is. The scenery was breath taking at some parts but i didnt manage to take as much scenery photo;s as i wanted. Loose gravel and slight muddy pools mad the ride much more adventurous as the bike tend to slight and drift every one was comfortable with there handling skills. Being to worried of the others crashing the bike much to my dismay it finally happen to me after taking so much precaution and being a safe rider. On a tight corner thomas fell from his machine and skidded the others help him up and gave medical treatment....thank god there was only bruises as he was wearing protective gears. As i took a strutted corner embracing my self to drop to 4th and twisting the throttle for extra power to sway the rear to use it as a side way turn, a glimpse of jeff at the apex of the corner caught my eye giving the sigh to slow down. The bike was tilted to the side my legs was up from to give the front the support to take the corner, than i saw a red bike at the very edge of the corner of the apex,..i knew i was going the hit the bike and crash. as much as i could i dropped to 3rd and jem the breaks but it was to close as i was running at 70 to 80 on a strutted corner. The rear sway thoughts was "Hell....if im going to least i ll go in style". As the front skidded the rear was at a drift i was intending to jump in front of the handle bars but my knee got stuck at the handle bar and next thing i know im looking at the sky than the green bush. It was 360 summersault in front of the bike..Like i said at least id fall in style. few of the guys rushed to help me up..i was ok no cut or bruises the bike was fine to,..than i realize at that very corner,..there was at least 7 bikes parked...If i took that corner i would have crashed in to at-least 4 bikes at one time. The next day was leisurely ride out to tenom but it was fun as the road was much more slippery after the rain. Another fall due to slipery terrain..You guys know Who!.

Photo's of the Ride.


john said...

Nice... next trip when ah?

mezz said...

karakmuak bila lag?

dmak said...

karakmuak tunggu bulan guggur dulu lah orng yg kita harap itu yg tdk pgi tdk boleh harap langsung si brndan.....!!!!

Ride Borneo said...

nie jeff ni kan.