Sunday, February 8, 2009

Down South where the rain dont shine.

Down south….that was on our mind…how far? Will figure it out when we get there…or somewhere!!.. Since it has been raining non stop the previous day we figure it would not continue to rain as the sun was already out. But down south it look gloomy and grey…”will it rain today?”.

As we made our way across the south road we decided to take the ferry crossing a small town called Kuala the rain started and we where in good spirit that we just thought its just rain nothing more…”we have been in worse hell than this…what would be more worse”. little that we knew the trail we plan to take was flooded and the bridge fell. Time to move to plan B, take another route….we manage to get through taking a detour the thing is the trail was really fun…mud, gravel and more mud. The bike skidded, twisted and all you can imagine in a slippery situation. We stop by a resort to check out the rooms and all but on the way in the area was flooded and we had to traverse across whiloe others just waited for the flood to settle down.

Our ride back was like a wet but sunny ride 5 minute there’s rain and the next 5 minutes it was dry again and it went on until we reach Kota Kinabalu.

All and all the trip was..”most important Fun” and the old ferry crossing was really cool and as usual the ride was as always back breaking.

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