Friday, August 1, 2008

Short Bike trip up Kinabalu National Park.

Few days ago me and my brother inlaw went for a Recce to take photo's and try out new routes for my dirt bike touring. it took almost all day just trying to find a good spot to take photo,s. we also took some video's for fun . It was a clear day and Mt Kinabalu was clearly visible. We took loads of photo's but i wasnt good with the new digital camera so they turn out somewhat over exposed...still need to study the manual. check out some of the photo's below.

It didnt took long to realise that we had to monitore the change of weather, it poures when it rain up hear. Taking a bike on a winding road up or down Mt Kinabalu is really fun, its batter when your on a long road trip.

Those who are Sabahan's if you guys are intereted for a dirt ride, why not go for a road trip....creat a club. This is a sport you know.


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TayarGolek.Com said...

Nice view..hoping that i will go & ride there.

Bro..just asking, is there any bike for rent? if so..normally how is the cost?